Friday, June 28, 2013

Nothing But Rustika Treats, Day 3

We took our chocolate chip cookie pies out of the oven and found the ultimate ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie!

So we made icing and decorated cupcakes...

...and then made special s'mores - graham crackers, chocolate chips, marshmallows, frosting, and sprinkles.

We toasted them!

To end the week, we made cream puffs.  

We will back at camp in two weeks! Hope you have a foodtastic Fourth of July!!  =)

Nothing But Rustika Treats - Days 1 & 2

This week during our Nothing But Rustika Treats we made treats similar to what you would find in our bakery. 

We started off making sugar cookies from scratch. 

We added sprinkles before we put our cookies in the oven.

While our cookies were baking, we decorated cakes. 

The next day, we decorated our sugar cookies....

...and made the dough for our chocolate chip cookie pie... see how our chocolate chip cookie pie and our other treats turned out, check back a little later in the day. 

Happy Friday!!  =)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cookies, Cookies, & More Cookies, Day 3

I hope you are enjoying your summer weekend so far! On the last day of our Cookies, Cookies, & More Cookies camp we started out making cookie dough from scratch using cake mix. 

And while the cookies were baking in the oven, we made S'more cookies....

...that turned into S'mores cookie towers...

When the cookies came out of the oven, we turned them into cookie pizzas.  Yum!

...and into cookie pizza sandwiches. 

We have some incredibly creative lil' chefs!! If you want to cook and bake with us, we still have plenty of slots open! You can sign up by e-mailing me or at Rustika Cafe & Bakery. 

The schedule for June: June 25-28th, Nothing But Rustika Treats

Check our pricing page for the rest of the summer schedule. 

Have a fabulous weekend!